Random thoughts

Sitting on the swing, yesterday , i was studying for my exam, the last exam of my graduation. After this i know my life is going to be changed, completely. I was scared for my exam, for future. Thoughts wondering here and there. at that time, i wanted to give letters to my thoughts. Here it is, (a kind of) poem i tried writing. After writing it, I was relaxed maybe a little but i was.

Life has a lot of definition
” Some People say life is race
If you won’t run fast you’ll come last”
“Some say the journey matters more than destination”
But None of this is my suggestion
For me life is a beautiful place
Indeed it’s a race but running fast is not a case
Its more like a saunter, without it you’ll loose the base
and reaching the destination will always be the cherry on the cake
At the end it’s my suggestion
Enjoy the perambulation but never loose the ambition



At the Dim sparkle of twilight, the girl was waiting for her father on the threshold of the house. Wondering where he is and why he got so late. The housemaid was cooking food for her, she too was tensed, but was inarticulate to the little girl who lost her mother the previous month. She was scared for loosing her father too. Suddenly she heard a dim music, similar to the lullaby her mother used to sing for her. She followed the voice to the forest, there she saw a lady sitting beneath the Snow laden trees and was singing this Melody. The lady winked at her, The look was assuring and calm. Then she heard the voice calling her name, “angel, where are you?” she ran towards the voice and in the arms of her father. Daddy where were you? I was so sacred what happened to you, these scars? Angel that’s nothing I just met with an accident on my way back home, with this, they together walked back home. And the girl whispered, thanks mom you were looking beautiful today! wp_ss_20180228_0003 pic credit:google

welcome to Gorakhpur:Tour Guide

Tour Guide:the weekly photo challenge

Gorakhpur,a city in UP,India. My home town. It’s not a great tourist attraction but there are various places to visit here which are one of their kind.

Owning to this challenge( tour guide) I went to an escape from the daily routine, today at 6AM to capture the mesmerizing but hidden beauty of my city.

The places I have posted in this blog have a special place in my life; a special memory, and a different story lies in each one of them

Kushmi Jungle:

today, when I came here, I got a mystifying feeling ; a gush of happiness and memories of those beautiful childhood days, when i used to come here, once a year for school picnic with my friends, and those family trips.

Taramandal Road:

the road that is eden itself; maybe not for everyone but for college students it is. We used to bunk the class and go there just enjoy a beautiful long drive

Nauka Vihar:

this place here you can feel the utmost peace at dawn, the best view at noon, the interaction of people of different age groups at evening, and the nature plays its spell, here, at night. however my favorite is “this place + a book + dawn”

Gorakhnath temple:

during this month of the year January , February a fair is held every year for the celebration of the festival – Makar Sankranti. its like a ritual for me to visit the fair every year with my family


While going through my photos I stumbled upon a picture-
A girl of 11 was staring at the light, the smile she had it felt bright.
Then I remembered the last trip I took, and saw the pictures with same might-
A girl of 21 at the same sight staring at the same light
the features have changed with the age,
But one thing was common the smile the style.
Its not necessary that with the age comes the cage,
we can still have the same aura and childlikeness,
We can be mature without pretending like one,
After all, all it matters is the happiness we gather, the laughter we scatter!!

P.S. playing with the words for the first time ❤

From Non-reader to bibliophile

When I was in school, I have heard it many a times, “good books are man’s best friend.” At that time it was just a quote for me. I was not a born reader. However I loved stories, I was not too much into it. Overtime I became aware of the MAGIC of books (mainly novels) and i started reading them. My first book was “the guy next door”, it was a teenager love story – i liked it, I was able to relate to it as i was passing through the same phase. My second book was “the secret garden”. I started reading it at 11 pm and it was complete by 7 am; the story revolves around a girl who had to face various things at a very young age. It is basically children story but it is way beautiful for adults too. This book, the secret garden, made me aware of the things that books are capable of teaching us. After that I went on reading different books of different authors on different genre. Some with sad endings and others with a happy one, Now I am that stage at which I tell everyone (like literally everyone) to start reading because I know what these books are capable of doing, for me it has worked and I think it will work for every other person who wants to realize his dream, or is facing some unfavorable situation or low esteem or anything. If you are sad, books are the therapy. If you are happy, books are additional happiness.

however I love all the books I have read, these are my some all time favourites


Shiva trilogy is a book series by Amish Tripathi. This book is about Lord Shiva, but in this book lord Shiva has been represented quite different from usual. The Secret this book actually gave new version of life and magic to me. The Last Song is based on a father daughter relationship and is beautifully represented.

There is another book I forgot to mention above: My journey : transforming dreams into actions by Dr Abdul Kalam, this book is a must read for everyone, it is an autobiography it is beautiful and inspirational.

Positive Vibes

The story of a slum kid

When I was working (as a teacher) in an NGO, I had a student “Sarita”, she was in class 4th at that time, and she has been an all-rounder. One day she did not attend the class, as it was quite unusual of her, we asked her parents, “why she did not come” and they told us, “she won’t come and from now onward she’ll live in her village”. Honestly, we were taken aback by this. It seemed like something is wrong as there was some hesitation in their voice, so we decided to clear our doubts and with this, we asked her younger brother the same thing and he told us that, “she is doing the job of a babysitter somewhere and she will live there”. It was like WHAT THE HELL!!

Then we consulted this with our seniors and they talked to her parents and convinced them to bring her back home and let her continue her studies. After few months when the new session was about to start we got her admitted to a CBSE school under RTE. At that time I had a doubt that will she be able to not let the financial gap between her and her classmates affect her studies. After that, due to some reasons, I left the NGO.
On this New Year eve, we went there to celebrate it with these kids. Sarita’s parents told us that she came 3rd in her class. Honestly, it was a proud moment for all of us, and then I realized how wrong I was for doubting her potenial. This girl and all these kids there, they live in huts but they have immense potential and if there potential are channelized correctly they will become the building blocks of our society.
At the end, I’d like to tell you that, the last time we went there we found that along with Sarita other kids were also enrolled in different good schools.
It was a small effort taken by WINGS that gave such a beautiful result. I am sure, when all of these kids will grow up, they will become something good and will contribute to make our world a better place