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Since past one hour, I am trying to read an article, yet not able to complete

there is a constant distraction – like doing everything thing possible except that reading

If it was a story, nothing can distract me,

but if there is something you don’t want, but have to do.

That is the time when the whole world conspires to distract you.

But, in the end, it’s up to you –

what you choose to do, what’s your priority

& I am going to finish that article

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3 Girls – Nainital – The Trip

Hi guys, today I‘ll share my experience of my trip to Nainital, which I am so excited to tell for to reasons. 1-how the kind behaviour of people we met, made our trip, (how you can make a difference by being kind) 2- if you want to go to Nainital, here is some experience.   If you are from this area or anywhere, just take some escape from the routine and enjoy the weekend in the lap of nature. It feels wonderful, trust me.

At 6pm: This is the ticket, tomorrow morning we are going to Nanital.  This is how it started

So we had our reservation in Shatabdi from GZB station at 6:45, did a cab to go there, the driver bid us a happy journey.

on the train, our seats r at 3 different places we, could have arranged it anyways, but an uncle did that for us, that was a kind gesture.

it took us almost 5-6 hours to reach katgodam, the nearest station to Nainital. From there we did a cab, he took Rs 500, we were at Nainital by 2 PM. the weather was freezing

There we  looked for a hotel,  didn’t go for the online ones because we wanted to see and confirm, so we actually went for a hotel hunt, saw 5 to 6 hotels, in this hunt a person(who are appointed by hotels to get tourist) accompanied us and then we  decided to stay at hotel Ahuja, it as a nice hotel, offering a safe atmosphere. That day we did boating, sat near the lake with tea, enjoying the mesmerising beauty of lake and mountain,  went to Naina Devi temple,  and a gurudwara bought the famous candles and chocolates. for the rest of the day, we sauntered down the street, peacefully savoring the beauty of Nainital. then had food in a restaurant there, and went to sleep.

The next day,  we woke at 7, got ready, did breakfast and went for the local sightseeing by cab, he took 2000 Rs, and drove us to some very beautiful places-  we saw snow, there I fell on snow but unhurt. then saw the Himalayas covered in snow, some trekking people, waterfall, Khurpa lake- lake made by people with khurpa, lovers point, a temple and an ashram – neeb kauri ashram it was very peaceful.  then he took us to Bhim Taal where we earlier thought to stay for the night but as advised against this by the hotel owner and our driver as the place is very quiet, there we saw ducks,  did boating again and clicked photos and then he dropped us back to katgodam, ensured that  we are safe and then he went, the driver as kind & helpful. We stayed in katgodam for the night and in the morning we had a train, and back to Delhi by 3. 

This as my first trip like that, like all girls and unplanned, but I enjoyed it, a lot. Som credit goes to the people and their values. they justified the Indian principle- ATITHI DEVO BHAVA (guest is god). However met an ill-mannered person as well but at the end of the day what matters is – what you want to choose, what you want to be.

Finally, when the trip was about to end, all I could think was a famous poem- The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

PS planning to go to Rajasthan next month. 🙂

PS2 if you want to go to Nainital and have financial issues go in offseason. my trip cost 3.5k per head

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A journey

After my graduation and before my post graduation… i have taken a break from college life for a year. So in this one year i have decided to build myself, and with this i mean “to prepare myself for upcoming challenges which includes the entrance exams too”. And for the same I am going to relocate my self in another city; a difficult decision for me. I know it’s normal for people to live far from family but for me, it’s the first time to step out of my comfort zone.

I am writing this blog for two reasons. First to share my nervousness and excitement that i am feeling for starting a new journey; A journey i am so determined to make it reach its destination, i.e Indian Institute of management. In India it is said that, “Only the best mind goes to IIM’s and IIT’s”.

And the second reason- to provide information and share my work:

This month i have started doing online teaching work for a company, “Unacademy”. It is a learning platform which helps you learn anything related to academics which includes different languages too. It makes learning fun.


This is the link to my unacademy profile.
I hope you’ll enjoy it. And it will be pleasure to know what you guys are planning for recent future. Please do comment.

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KATHA OF KATHUA- A tale of Indifference

My new roots


It was a listless afternoon. Amidst casual conversation with my friends…Someone said, “Hey! What happened with Asifa was horrific”. I was about to respond to this, when one of my friends said, who is Asifa? What happened? Is it serious?

I was appalled at this question…to this attitude to be precise. It’s been more than a week this incident is gathering heat in almost every space, be it in newspapers, or social media platforms or the television space. So it is not as if this incident was little known. The irony in this situation was the friend who said it was a female and an educated one!! This casual indifference to something so intense is what makes me wonder about our whole attitude to this situation. Later on I, with utmost patience on my part, went on explaining about the whole issue. The response to which was, oh! So bad…

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Don’t Fret

When things are gloomy,
Nothing is going as per your plan,
You feel irritated, you Fret
Your life seems like going in a doom,
You want to throw things,
And then suddenly a single good news;
A single tiny one,
Makes you believe in your dreams again.
And the only thought remaining is,
Yes! I can do it.

P.S.  Had this experience today

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Random thoughts

Sitting on the swing, yesterday , i was studying for my exam, the last exam of my graduation. After this i know my life is going to be changed, completely. I was scared for my exam, for future. Thoughts wondering here and there. at that time, i wanted to give letters to my thoughts. Here it is, (a kind of) poem i tried writing. After writing it, I was relaxed maybe a little but i was.

Life has a lot of definition
” Some People say life is race
If you won’t run fast you’ll come last”
“Some say the journey matters more than destination”
But None of this is my suggestion
For me life is a beautiful place
Indeed it’s a race but running fast is not a case
Its more like a saunter, without it you’ll loose the base
and reaching the destination will always be the cherry on the cake
At the end it’s my suggestion
Enjoy the perambulation but never loose the ambition