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Even the optimist loose hope

From school to college, 
From home town to strange land,
A lot has changed,
Had it been the faces only, it was fine,
Had it been the people i had known for long enough, it was still bearable,
But when you see yourself changing, changing for bad, It kills;
And on one such path, drifting far away from myself I found myself back

Intoxicated, with teary eyes, and a deep sadness,
Below the starry sky, in the moonlight,
Surrounded by trees, sitting on grass,
Talking about various shits that life has put me into,
I had a friend to guide me towards what is right and
I became a little more mature.

When life shows itself,
When you realize the world is worst than you think,
When the fairy tale shatters and reality is there in its naked form,
don't loose hope, The world is selfish, but that's where you have to be,
Don't give a fuck about what others thinks, Do what makes you happy,
talk to people, if there is no one talk to things,
cry your heart out, but never let the bad inside you overpower the good.

world changes, people changes, but what shouldn’t change is yourself and your inner light.

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Life at a Business School|experience of a fresher

MBA in its own is a term which brings to mind a bright future, a hectic schedule and a hell lot of fun.

Today, its near about 7 months and a long journey of preparation, struggle and a lot of enjoyment.

I am in my 3rd term and will soon be going for my summer internship.

The dream of MBA started for me when I was in B.Com and then I took a year drop got 91.3 percentile in CAT and got admission in IMT Nagpur on a scholarship of around 70%.I thought I have done a lot of struggle but That was just the starting

Life at IMT.

First 15 days, we had orientation which ended up with the outbound program in which we did lot of activities with managerial lessons, one of them was grappling which taught us –

Everything in starting seems difficult but if you enjoy it, you can achieve a lot.

Then classes started, party started, and recruitment for committees and forums started. Now committee is a very important part of MBA. IMT is a student driven campus and these committees contribute a lot in its functioning and committees are handled by students. It is said IMT never sleeps but I will say IMT is not allowed to sleep as the recruitment process was carried by students till 2AM.

I ended up being a part of entrepreneurship cell which I think was one of my best decision. Entrepreneurship cell in particular and Committee in general teaches you a lot provided you have the desire to learn. Because of the entrepreneurship cell I learned adobe Photoshop,I have done pitching to start-up founder to come to my college to offer internship, collected informations of various people from various sources, have talked to investors, founders, learned team work, still working on pressure management which initially was one of my weakness and made posters, certificates & banners.

And in all this I have experienced may things – Fear & nervousness (Before my first pitch to a founder of start-up), Friendship and support (when others support you and trust you) Anger (when you are not given the work you desire) and Guilty (when you finally understand things ) Love (because a lot happen when you work together) and finally Euphoria (when you pull an event)

I with my team of 13 juniors and 11 seniors have organised 3 events, and one was a national level event.

Coming to studies, the curriculum is nice, the library is great we have Harvard case studies and some teachers are awesome. I managed to have a decent CGPA along with the committee work. That’s what MBA makes you, a multitasker. Here you need to be a jack of all and master of some.

Now about parties – IMT never sleeps and IMT parties a lot. We have a lake nearby, some resort and a bar too. Rest we live far away from city.

The best part here is late night coffee and chit chat with friends, enjoying the weather and nature. and library is open 24*7. IMT is really beautiful.

A lot happens in MBA.

Here, I got to know different people new and old and my self. I have made friends, brothers and enemies. And I did new things, fulfilling my bucket list one at a time.I think MBA is something everyone should do, it teaches you what life really is.That is all about 1st year till now;

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A helping hand for your puja preparations| Box2joy

Ever happened you have traditional function at home like Puja, Fast or Festival party and you are confused what to purchase or how to and this confusion is becoming a hurdle in your enjoyment? Don’t worry here is a website Box2Joy where you can see your needs and order accordingly at a reasonable cost.

So go through the link and have a look, they basically have everything you may need.

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A trip in nature

So this is a place where you can find nature in its original form and with few human interference.


A small town in Madhya Pradesh, India and a hidden beauty.

Prior to going there, all I knew about it was from google, so going there with my family was a risk and i took it

It is not connected through railways or airways, so we were supposed to go to a station near it and then by roadways

Road trip

So we did Ola at Nagpur station and it was a 5 hours ride to pachmarhi. We reached there at 2 and then the task was to find a place to stay and we found a beautiful resort – Nandan van their.

At 4, after getting fresh, we went to Pandav cave – a beautiful place full of variety of flowers and greenery. It is believed that “the pandav brothers stayed there during their exile”. The rest of the day we enjoyed at the resort.

The next day, we woke up at 5, just to enjoy the nature. We hired a gypsy as the place where we were supposed to go came under ‘Satpura tiger reserve’ and any other vehicle was not allowed for tourists.

Gypsy was a lot of fun and we went to Bee fall, bison lodge museum, Reechgarh, Jatashankar temple and sun set point. We had maggie and a lot of shikanji and mangoes at these places then back to resort.

Next day we left this beautiful place and we went back to normal life

So yes it is a very beautiful place hidden in nature and untouched by tech. and a serene beauty. Its not a big or famous hill station and doesn’t have a lot of things to do – just a beautiful waterfall and natural caves, and a no-horn roads. but if you are a nature child, this place is a must visit.

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Calm down!

Life is full of tensions, anxiey and stress

I realised this after my college days.

Thinking about the future,

trying to make the best choice &

panic all around

But in these anxieties and tensions and confusions

I have my people, my family, my gang , my daily exercise routine and nature

All of this helps me calm down, always.

Inspiration is everywhere

And if you truly desire something, the world will help you

Maybe it will take a little time or not be as per your plan

But it will be the best

Just believe and be with the people who believe in you.

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an eye-contact

Today i saw him.

Our eyes met, my world stopped

Suddenly the horns, the lights everything was gone

Just me and him on either side of the road

Saw him after 3 – 4 years

From the cute whiny classmate to a grown up but stupid adult, how much he has changed.

We never talked aftr school, never dated.

But there is still a feeling for him that i cannot avoid and a love that will never die

Maybe because he was my 1st love.

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The incomplete story

Aanvi was sitting on a boat, going to a place where her last hope laid. All she had with her was her sacred book written in a mysterious language, her two best friends Dan & Abby and a curiosity to find more about her. There was a strange steadiness in the weather, her friends were sleeping tired from the journey and she lost in thoughts – will she be able to find her answers here, in the strange land, will she be able to decipher the book, the only thing she has of her family.

Hi guys, this is my first time with stories and any suggestions are welcome