The story of a slum kid

Positive Vibes

When I was working (as a teacher) in an NGO, I had a student “Sarita”, she was in class 4th at that time, and she has been an all-rounder . One day she did not attend the class, as it was quite unusual of her, we asked her parents, “why she did not come ” and they told us, “she won’t come and from now onward she’ll live in her village ”. Honestly, we were taken aback by this. It seemed like something is wrong as there was some hesitation in their voice, so we decided to clear our doubts and with this, we asked her younger brother the same thing and he told us that, “she is doing the job of a babysitter somewhere and she will live there ”. It was like WHAT THE HELL!!

Then we consulted this with our seniors and they talked to her parents and convinced them to bring her back home and let her continue her studies. After few months when the new session was about to start we got her admitted to a CBSE school under RTE. At that time I had a doubt that will she be able to not let the financial gap between her and her classmates affect her studies. After that, due to some reasons, I left the NGO.
On this New Year eve, we went there to celebrate it with these kids. Sarita’s parents told us that she came 3rd in her class. Honestly, it was a proud moment for all of us, and then I realized how wrong I was for doubting her potenial. This girl and all these kids there, they live in huts but they have immense potential and if there potential are channelized correctly they will become the building blocks of our society.
At the end, I’d like to tell you that, the last time we went there we found that along with Sarita other kids were also enrolled in different good schools.
It was a small effort taken by WINGS that gave such a beautiful result. I am sure, when all of these kids will grow up, they will become something good and will contribute to make our world a better place 





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        oh how beautiful do you seem to be love, for oh i look into your eyes so dreamy only to think of you writing letters so many, only to make me fall for you, for all i could read was as to how beautiful were you looking, while you were smiling 🙂

        take care!

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