From Non-reader to bibliophile

When I was in school, I have heard it many a times, “good books are man’s best friend.” At that time it was just a quote for me. I was not a born reader. However I loved stories, I was not too much into it. Overtime I became aware of the MAGIC of books (mainly novels) and i started reading them. My first book was “the guy next door”, it was a teenager love story – i liked it, I was able to relate to it as i was passing through the same phase. My second book was “the secret garden”. I started reading it at 11 pm and it was complete by 7 am; the story revolves around a girl who had to face various things at a very young age. It is basically children story but it is way beautiful for adults too. This book, the secret garden, made me aware of the things that books are capable of teaching us. After that I went on reading different books of different authors on different genre. Some with sad endings and others with a happy one, Now I am that stage at which I tell everyone (like literally everyone) to start reading because I know what these books are capable of doing, for me it has worked and I think it will work for every other person who wants to realize his dream, or is facing some unfavorable situation or low esteem or anything. If you are sad, books are the therapy. If you are happy, books are additional happiness.

however I love all the books I have read, these are my some all time favourites


Shiva trilogy is a book series by Amish Tripathi. This book is about Lord Shiva, but in this book lord Shiva has been represented quite different from usual. The Secret this book actually gave new version of life and magic to me. The Last Song is based on a father daughter relationship and is beautifully represented.

There is another book I forgot to mention above: My journey : transforming dreams into actions by Dr Abdul Kalam, this book is a must read for everyone, it is an autobiography it is beautiful and inspirational.

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