At the Dim sparkle of twilight, the girl was waiting for her father on the threshold of the house. Wondering where he is and why he got so late. The housemaid was cooking food for her, she too was tensed, but was inarticulate to the little girl who lost her mother the previous month. She was scared for loosing her father too. Suddenly she heard a dim music, similar to the lullaby her mother used to sing for her. She followed the voice to the forest, there she saw a lady sitting beneath the Snow laden trees and was singing this Melody. The lady winked at her, The look was assuring and calm. Then she heard the voice calling her name, “angel, where are you?” she ran towards the voice and in the arms of her father. Daddy where were you? I was so sacred what happened to you, these scars? Angel that’s nothing I just met with an accident on my way back home, with this, they together walked back home. And the girl whispered, thanks mom you were looking beautiful today! wp_ss_20180228_0003 pic credit:google


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