Random thoughts

Sitting on the swing, yesterday , i was studying for my exam, the last exam of my graduation. After this i know my life is going to be changed, completely. I was scared for my exam, for future. Thoughts wondering here and there. at that time, i wanted to give letters to my thoughts. Here it is, (a kind of) poem i tried writing. After writing it, I was relaxed maybe a little but i was.

Life has a lot of definition
” Some People say life is race
If you won’t run fast you’ll come last”
“Some say the journey matters more than destination”
But None of this is my suggestion
For me life is a beautiful place
Indeed it’s a race but running fast is not a case
Its more like a saunter, without it you’ll loose the base
and reaching the destination will always be the cherry on the cake
At the end it’s my suggestion
Enjoy the perambulation but never loose the ambition


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