KATHA OF KATHUA- A tale of Indifference

Mansi Babrekar


It was a listless afternoon. Amidst casual conversation with my friends…Someone said, “Hey! What happened with Asifa was horrific”. I was about to respond to this, when one of my friends said, who is Asifa? What happened? Is it serious?

I was appalled at this question…to this attitude to be precise. It’s been more than a week this incident is gathering heat in almost every space, be it in newspapers, or social media platforms or the television space. So it is not as if this incident was little known. The irony in this situation was the friend who said it was a female and an educated one!! This casual indifference to something so intense is what makes me wonder about our whole attitude to this situation. Later on I, with utmost patience on my part, went on explaining about the whole issue. The response to which was, oh! So bad…

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