A journey

After my graduation and before my post graduation… i have taken a break from college life for a year. So in this one year i have decided to build myself, and with this i mean “to prepare myself for upcoming challenges which includes the entrance exams too”. And for the same I am going to relocate my self in another city; a difficult decision for me. I know it’s normal for people to live far from family but for me, it’s the first time to step out of my comfort zone.

I am writing this blog for two reasons. First to share my nervousness and excitement that i am feeling for starting a new journey; A journey i am so determined to make it reach its destination, i.e Indian Institute of management. In India it is said that, “Only the best mind goes to IIM’s and IIT’s”.

And the second reason- to provide information and share my work:

This month i have started doing online teaching work for a company, “Unacademy”. It is a learning platform which helps you learn anything related to academics which includes different languages too. It makes learning fun. 



This is the link to my unacademy profile.
I hope you’ll enjoy it. And it will be pleasure to know what you guys are planning for recent future. Please do comment.


  1. I have heard about the platform “Unacademy”. Will surely check out the link you gave 🙂 All the best


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