A trip in nature

So this is a place where you can find nature in its original form and with few human interference.


A small town in Madhya Pradesh, India and a hidden beauty.

Prior to going there, all I knew about it was from google, so going there with my family was a risk and i took it

It is not connected through railways or airways, so we were supposed to go to a station near it and then by roadways

Road trip

So we did Ola at Nagpur station and it was a 5 hours ride to pachmarhi. We reached there at 2 and then the task was to find a place to stay and we found a beautiful resort – Nandan van their.

At 4, after getting fresh, we went to Pandav cave – a beautiful place full of variety of flowers and greenery. It is believed that “the pandav brothers stayed there during their exile”. The rest of the day we enjoyed at the resort.

The next day, we woke up at 5, just to enjoy the nature. We hired a gypsy as the place where we were supposed to go came under ‘Satpura tiger reserve’ and any other vehicle was not allowed for tourists.

Gypsy was a lot of fun and we went to Bee fall, bison lodge museum, Reechgarh, Jatashankar temple and sun set point. We had maggie and a lot of shikanji and mangoes at these places then back to resort.

Next day we left this beautiful place and we went back to normal life

So yes it is a very beautiful place hidden in nature and untouched by tech. and a serene beauty. Its not a big or famous hill station and doesn’t have a lot of things to do – just a beautiful waterfall and natural caves, and a no-horn roads. but if you are a nature child, this place is a must visit.

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