Life at a Business School|experience of a fresher

MBA in its own is a term which brings to mind a bright future, a hectic schedule and a hell lot of fun.

Today, its near about 7 months and a long journey of preparation, struggle and a lot of enjoyment.

I am in my 3rd term and will soon be going for my summer internship.

The dream of MBA started for me when I was in B.Com and then I took a year drop got 91.3 percentile in CAT and got admission in IMT Nagpur on a scholarship of around 70%.I thought I have done a lot of struggle but That was just the starting

Life at IMT.

First 15 days, we had orientation which ended up with the outbound program in which we did lot of activities with managerial lessons, one of them was grappling which taught us –

Everything in starting seems difficult but if you enjoy it, you can achieve a lot.

Then classes started, party started, and recruitment for committees and forums started. Now committee is a very important part of MBA. IMT is a student driven campus and these committees contribute a lot in its functioning and committees are handled by students. It is said IMT never sleeps but I will say IMT is not allowed to sleep as the recruitment process was carried by students till 2AM.

I ended up being a part of entrepreneurship cell which I think was one of my best decision. Entrepreneurship cell in particular and Committee in general teaches you a lot provided you have the desire to learn. Because of the entrepreneurship cell I learned adobe Photoshop,I have done pitching to start-up founder to come to my college to offer internship, collected informations of various people from various sources, have talked to investors, founders, learned team work, still working on pressure management which initially was one of my weakness and made posters, certificates & banners.

And in all this I have experienced may things – Fear & nervousness (Before my first pitch to a founder of start-up), Friendship and support (when others support you and trust you) Anger (when you are not given the work you desire) and Guilty (when you finally understand things ) Love (because a lot happen when you work together) and finally Euphoria (when you pull an event)

I with my team of 13 juniors and 11 seniors have organised 3 events, and one was a national level event.

Coming to studies, the curriculum is nice, the library is great we have Harvard case studies and some teachers are awesome. I managed to have a decent CGPA along with the committee work. That’s what MBA makes you, a multitasker. Here you need to be a jack of all and master of some.

Now about parties – IMT never sleeps and IMT parties a lot. We have a lake nearby, some resort and a bar too. Rest we live far away from city.

The best part here is late night coffee and chit chat with friends, enjoying the weather and nature. and library is open 24*7. IMT is really beautiful.

A lot happens in MBA.

Here, I got to know different people new and old and my self. I have made friends, brothers and enemies. And I did new things, fulfilling my bucket list one at a time.I think MBA is something everyone should do, it teaches you what life really is.That is all about 1st year till now;


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