Even the optimist loose hope

From school to college, 
From home town to strange land,
A lot has changed,
Had it been the faces only, it was fine,
Had it been the people i had known for long enough, it was still bearable,
But when you see yourself changing, changing for bad, It kills;
And on one such path, drifting far away from myself I found myself back

Intoxicated, with teary eyes, and a deep sadness,
Below the starry sky, in the moonlight,
Surrounded by trees, sitting on grass,
Talking about various shits that life has put me into,
I had a friend to guide me towards what is right and
I became a little more mature.

When life shows itself,
When you realize the world is worst than you think,
When the fairy tale shatters and reality is there in its naked form,
don't loose hope, The world is selfish, but that's where you have to be,
Don't give a fuck about what others thinks, Do what makes you happy,
talk to people, if there is no one talk to things,
cry your heart out, but never let the bad inside you overpower the good.

world changes, people changes, but what shouldn’t change is yourself and your inner light.

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