Let’s do our part in taking care of others during the lock down

I am writing this article at the comfort of my home, with my parents having my bed coffee, I hope you are in the same type of place, but many of us are not. This Lock down, has come with many problems, yes! it was a necessary step but it has left the major section of our society vulnerable.

Here I am talking only about one of the problem – The domestic violence. We are saying to stay safe, stay at home but is staying at home a safe option for those who are locked with their abusers. There are increased cases of domestic violence across the world be it any country, and these include only those who are able to complain which many og them might not because their abusers are nearby.

We as citizens are blaming the government for not considering every aspect before putting the lock down, maybe they didn’t, but now as a human being it is our responsibility to help all those who need us. Maybe it is some one who is being abused and not able to complain to anyone, look out for signs, it can be your neighbor or friends, and if you know someone who is facing such scenario, contact them, stay connected, this time more than they need your support.

There are other problems as well, people are not able to get food, or they have money to meet daily chores, student are locked in their pg’s and some people are alone at home fighting depression, lets help them, we all can play our role in our own ways.

When we were in school we were taught moral science, which taught us moral values. This is high time to recall those lessons. We all are in this together, be it any country or religion. Lets help those who need us.

Stay Safe!

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