A trip with friends : College diaries

It was a 30th Dec 2019 and I with my friends decided to start our new year together, exploring Nagpur. Not literally, that was our plan, but fate has something else for us.

Brief intro : I am doing MBA from a college which is at the outskirts of Nagpur, basically in a village and we live in an “Urban Island”

So 31st morning we left at 8AM for Ramtek. It was 74 kms away. A roadtrip with friends on New year – that was our plan. We reached ramtek temple at around 10 AM and we had the whole day for us. The view was breathtaking , the fort was beautiful and the places where we were not allowed to go because its dangerous – they were awesome.

A brief about Ramtek : it is believed that Lord Ram stayed there during his exile.
We explored the fort, there were people and monkeys, small shops, it was fun being there with your friends on a winter morning, dancing on the stairs (when you are with people who are equally crazy, nothing is awkward)

Then from there we went to a place nearby which was basically a lake, had boating and water scooter etc, a place which had swings for kids and dhaba to sit and eat.
(We were 3 boys and 5 girls all around the age of 22-25), we literally played on those swings (which was supposed to be for kids) for around an hour or so, as I said, there is nothing awkward with friends who are as crazy as you are), we did some water rides, the weather was not in our favor, it started raining with a thunder storm, so we ate, had tea in that “perfect nature view” and left for Nagpur but not before we all were completely wet.

We reached Nagpur around 8PM, we had a plan to stay there, so it was time for hotel hunt now, none of us were from Nagpur, we were 8 people from 5 different places, so none of us knew where the hotel was and the map was not working, we walked on road, and on lanes “where you would never go when you are alone, and never at night”, but we did, finally after taking 2-3 rounds of the same places, we found our hotel which refused us to stay there because “no celebrating new year at night together”.

Then the management brain worked and we decided instead of spending a lot on hometown let’s eat and drink at a luxurious place and go back to hostel. We bought some wine from a nearby shop, and did auto and reached the restaurant, we ate and drank, but the time was still 10 PM and the driver who was supposed to take us back to college was supposed to come around 12, we had 2hours and no place to stay. And that is when the ‘not so literally’ exploring Nagpur became the ‘literally’ exploring Nagpur. We roamed on the road, laughing, chatting, sitting in front of the closed shops, some of us getting irritated (that was justified, it was cold and we were tired) fortunately it was new year night so places were open till late, there was an ice cream parlor, after spending around 1.5 hours, we went there for some time, ate some ice cream and fortunately our cab came 10 min before 12. We welcomed the year, in cab with some wine, when some of my friends were already sleep in the backseat.

From a comfortable planned journey to spending 2 hours on road was something that made our trip awesome and a memorable experience for life.

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