Happily ever after?

90% of the fairy tale ends with “and they lived happily ever after”, if you were into reading or watching fairy tales when you were a child, you would agree to me. But does this happen in real world? we often end up asking this to ourselves after that first heart break, maybe even after second but till third time we realize its all only in the story books and not in real world.

This happened with me first time – when my first childhood crush didn’t texted me back, and second time – after I had a serious heart break, and this is not limited to that. So this year started like that for me and I thought all this “happily ever after” etc. etc. is just a lie, and then I stopped reading or watching any good, positive stories. I was sad for 4-5 months, my internship got cancelled because of COVID and I thought this is it fortunately I was with my family so I was suppose to be happy otherwise they would have been sad.

What I did, I got up, ate a lot, did some courses, made my resume beautiful and also secured an internship in one of the best advertising agency and then I also found my love for advertising.

I tried hard to not be back to being the original “me”, the girl who used to live in fairy tales but I realized after a lot of effort and gaining a lot of weight that this not possible and maybe not even a good idea, So yes! I am back on being me, maybe a better version.

Why I wrote all this?

Because I realized that maybe I was focusing on the wrong part of the ending, it can be “and she/he lived happily ever after”, it doesn’t matter much on he/she or they as long as its happily ever after. And how we can do that? Happiness is just a state of mind, its “us” who choose or not choose to be happy, and trust me if you do whatever makes you happy, you’ll always be on the right track!

Take your time in getting yourself together; then hold yourself and walk in the right direction. It would take effort, a lot of effort but the result would be worth. And maybe you can find your Prince charming in the mirror that is in front of you.

And yes I am still unplaced, but I will be in some time. I am happy because I know I am giving my efforts and the best opportunity would come my way in the right time.

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