Trip to Shimla!

When you can not write new stories, you look into your past to find old ones.

In this pandemic, as we are avoiding to travel, and I am missing that a lot, I thought to dig up into my old travel story and share it here, so here it is – One of my favorite trip of last year

3 girls | Shimla | Road and Rail trip

My sister was in Delhi and she needed a break from the busy schedule and so did I, I was living in Nagpur at that time in my hostel. This was how it started.

I packed a night before the trip, a travel bag containing sweater, stole, 2 beautiful dress and my track pants and I was all set to go. The only problem was I had to travel in plane for the first time, alone, and that too from a city I was not much aware of and technology, or so I thought, was only thing at my rescue.

On the day of the journey, I was nervous and scared as helland excited too as Shimla was on. But three people were more nervous than me – my parents and my sister. After attending my classes I took my bags and took the cab for the airport. As I was living at a new place and that too hours away from the main city I had no idea how much time it is going to take, so after talking to 2-3 people I took 3 hours buffer time and as a result I was 2 hour early. Being early is good but extra early is not. I sat on Airport for 2 hours watching people coming and going. I had my kindle so I decided to read and time went by quickly then.

Now on the flight – So there was a man sitting beside me and I don’t know why he was talking to me, and as I was an aspiring extrovert person I thought its not good to ignore and I replied and that’s how I spend the complete 2 hours (I was sitting on the window seat and I wanted to plug in my ear phone and enjoy the journey). I reached Delhi Airport at around 11PM and then took a cab to Dwarika. (I know its not safe to travel alone, at night, in Delhi but I had no option, also I wanted to proof that I am independent women who can travel alone)

Next morning it was time for the train to Shimla. It was me, my sister and her friend. From Delhi to Kalka by Shatabdi and then by toy train to Shimla, then cab and finally we reached Shimla, then we searched hotel for 2 hours, (when I am with my sister, we search hotels after reaching the destination and the one which has best value for money; and it is fun, instead of relying on tech) it involved talking to people there and seeing 3-4 hotels, then we selected one which was clean, safe (this was priority) and close to view. (When you are looking for a hotel at a new place to stay and you are not alone, try to search hotel after reaching destination, if its not peak season)

Day 1 – As it was already late when we reached, we saunter at the nearby places – Christ church, mall road, we ate at a restaurant, there were wine shops, then we had momos and then went back to the hotel. (The first day was great and tiring, I experienced toy train for the first time, it reminded me of cartoon show. Also walking in dim light, with cold breeze touching your face, its awesome)

Day 2 –We woke up early, went out to see the morning and have some tea. Then we had a conversation with a local tour driver whom we asked him to take us on sight seeing, so it was a sight seeing day! We went to Army heritage museum, Institute of advance studies, an Apple farm where we did horse riding as well, a Temple, and Green Valley. (I loved the iInstitute the most, it is a must visit place. Also, I did horse riding for the first time, it was good).

At night we were back in our hotel, we ate, did some local shopping. Talked to a local vendor, he actually belonged to my home town, he told he stays in Shimla because he enjoys it a lot and honestly whats not to.

Next morning I took the same route by the one I came, and I was back in college by night. It was a good escape from the routine life; I do enjoy my routine life but these kind of escape and that too with family rejuvenate us. I know we all enjoy trip with friends but trust me with family it is equally, if not more good. I had plans for this march too but it got ruined because of COVID, but soon it will be over and we will enjoy the life we had or we planned to have and this time maybe a little more.


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