My first tattoo experience

When I first saw a person with tattoo, on television, i was mesmerised by it and since then i wanted to have one. I was in school at that time.

Hye, I am Indian girl, who belongs to a join family and live in a semi-urban area, so my first task for a getting a tattoo was to convince my parents and I tried to do it (the convincing) that very day and failed – This was the first attempt so not a problem.

Time passed and now I was doing my graduation and my love for tattoo was far from gone, and I was searching for different options which can convey some meaning and relate to my personality but before everything, I wanted the permission which was again denied

History repeated itself during my postgraduation but the difference was that I had my money which I earned through the side business (which was legal) and I was sure of the design I wanted and where I wanted

So two month ago I completed my post grad and got a job, so basically I was independent and I finally got the permission that I was so desperately trying for years. Still there were some hurdle- which studio to go to and the scary “pain” part. I did my research, it involved the cities, the studios, talking to a lot of people and reading reviews. I finally decided to go to a studio in delhi, ( a small deterrent from my Nagpur to Gorakhpur trip), I was scared as it was my first.

The studio people were great and humorous, I had a vague idea of what I wanted, they gave it a structure and helped me calm my nerves.

Advice for that first tattoo

1. Decide what you want, and where you want. Don’t go for the one which is trendy because trends change.

2. It will pain, a lot, but you can handle it.

3. The place is important, do your research about the type of studio and artist you want to go for

4. Getting a tattoo is expensive, mine one cost me ₹6000 (care kit included)

Talking about inspiration and optimism, I think we can get from anywhere. When I started writing this, this point was the end but as I was typing somethings clicked to me, this journey, the waiting from school to job, actually taught me something

1- Beautiful things take time (research, effort and perseverance)

2- If you want something desperately and you’re not getting it, prepare yourself for it so that when you get it you’re ready for it. In my case my back end work was done.


  1. I was visiting a dear family and my young niece asked me if I would accompany her for her first tattoo. She didn’t want to go alone and no one from her family was willing. It was such a pleasure to take her out. One tattoo, some shopping and a cup of tea 😊

    Your wings tattoo is so pretty. Hope you would lead a free and fearless life 😇

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