Love, change and Endings

We all hear since childhood that change is the only constant and when we grow we realise that it is more or less true. Changing schools for various reasons and then school turns to college, which turns to jobs and because of this never ending change we meet new people, make new friends, enemies, explore new places and eventually we grow into someone better, a more mature version of ourselves.

But this change doesn’t always brings pleasure, especially in the initial days and sometimes it’s way too hard to deal with. I had a boyfriend I was very attached to, and is no more in contact with since last year. Circumstances changed, people changed and the relationship ended. So for a year now I,’ve been trying to hold myself. Initially I focused in my career, studies and job but at times I cried a lot.

I know and i’ve seen there are a lot of people out there like me crying over a heart break, love that was supposed to last but ended, not being liked back by the person you like the most, unmatched by a random crush on dating app, etc. and I know it hurts when we see people around us, happy with their partners, and at times this situation make us feel terrible, doubt ourselves, reduces our self esteem etc., but don’t ever let that happen. We all are perfect for someone and when it seems like no one loves you believe that your friends, family, and god loves you. Our purpose is much more than crying over a perfect relationship that could have happened, and when the time will be right and it will be, then that perfect relationship will also happen.

We want ourselves to be lucky in love always, I wanted it but it was not meant to be, maybe with that person, maybe for now and honestly I don’t know if it will ever be.

But If I were to be lucky with my first crush in 9th standard, or my boyfriend I don’t think I would be here; the independent mature women that i’ve become from the silly immature girl that i was. (Though I love both the versions of me)

My last words on this one- Missing someone and letting your emotions out is okay, hurting ourselves is not. And every ending is also a new beginning, and a chance to make us stronger.


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