She walked a little step and turned to see if anyone is watching,

Scared that they will comment again – how she is walking! walk like a grownup!

Have you considered operating? Who will marry you!

Scared, embarrassed, ashamed little girl.

That was not me, but I would’ve been if I was not a bit narcissist.

People around me tried the hardest to make me feel that way

Oh, but I was a born rebel, and how exciting it was to see them fail.

They wanted me to feel embarrassed and sad as I was peculiar,

Little did they know, I thrived on being peculiar.

I had intoeing problem, my feet didn’t went straight

It attracted mostly 100% attention towards me or precisely to my feet

I loved attention so I ended up liking it more.

But I knew it bothered the ones who loved me, who cared for me.

I knew everyone didn’t liked different

When I first met my Boyfriend, I told him I had a problem

He said he is proud of it, I was the happiest girl that day.

Years passed, time changed, habit remained same.

One day the guy who said was proud, made fun of the same thing.

Oh! the tears that flowed, first time I cried for it.

It hurt? Yes. It made me weak? No.

I finally decided it has to change, not to please him but to appease me.

I tried for a year and ended up where I wanted.

Things worked because I took things that way.

Had it someone else, they might have felt sad, depressed.

It’s good thing I was positive but If someone takes its wrong way, it’s not their fault.

It’s fault of the people who can’t accept others idea of perfect.

I know the pain, and that’s why I say – don’t hurt others because they are having some problems or are different.

And to those who are different;

If you want to change, go for it, hard work shows result.

If you don’t, wear your peculiarity as your crown.

I just tried to convey my thoughts through this peace. Since my childhood every one said that she walks in a weird way and she needs to improve. One funny incident was when I went to a doctor for some other problem, a lady came to my mom asking “what happened to her feet? It seems serious”, I was literally bursting with laughter. I loved myself a lot so comments never harmed me but what others did was not right. Eventually I realised I should walk straight and I did with a lot of effort and right motivation. Basically intoeing is a problem in which the feet are tilted towards inwards, even when the person is walking. It’s common in kids but rare in adults and sometimes I thought am I the only one like this “feet turned inwards” but my research helped me find answers and even the name of the problem.

It looks like this-

If you or someone you know needs help with it, drop me a dm or a comment and I will try to help in any way possible.

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