Kindle Review (Pros and Cons)

Today I’ll be addressing a question which people asks me all the time. Shall I buy a kindle? is it worth it? how is it different from other devices? etc.

I am an avid reader for a long time now and I bought my kindle around 4 years back for ₹5000. I was a student then and I wanted to read a lot but buying books were expensive for me and there was no nearby library.

I’ll first share the pros and cons according to me and then my experience of it

Pros of having a Kindle:

1- It doesn’t harm your eyes which reading on laptop or tablet does

2- You can read newspapers, articles on it

3- It’s cost efficient ( starting from ₹5000)

4- You don’t need to buy ebooks, just download the pdf and mail it to your kindle

5- Kindle supports various formats like pdf, doc, jpeg, mobi etc.

6- It gives you a feel of reading on paper

7- You can use dictionary and Wikipedia while reading, so it actually doesn’t break the flow

8- It’s light and you can carry it anywhere, it’s like having a library in your bag

9- It has good battery backup and a long life

10- Most of the books are available on kindle unlimited

11- You don’t need to wait for the book to be delivered

Cons: Well for every Bookoholic books are books and hardcover is love so there will be some cons and I share what I’ve felt

1- It doesn’t smell like books

2- It needs to be charged

3- Your library will be mostly invisible

4- If the free pdf is not available, you will need to buy the ebook


Kindle is one of my best investment I’ve ever made and it’s because of it that I’ve read so many books. My favourite part was during the lockdown I didn’t had shortage of books (online delivery was stopped except for essentials).

I use kindle a lot but I buy hard copy also sometimes because there is that craving for holding a book. So for me the best thing is to switch between kindle and hard copy from time to time.

If you like reading soft copies, or you switch to dictionaries while reading, I think kindle will be a good investment, but if it is difficult for you to read soft copies then don’t go for it.

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