welcome to Gorakhpur:Tour Guide

Tour Guide:the weekly photo challenge

Gorakhpur,a city in UP,India. My home town. It’s not a great tourist attraction but there are various places to visit here which are one of their kind.

Owning to this challenge( tour guide) I went to an escape from the daily routine, today at 6AM to capture the mesmerizing but hidden beauty of my city.

The places I have posted in this blog have a special place in my life; a special memory, and a different story lies in each one of them

Kushmi Jungle:

today, when I came here, I got a mystifying feeling ; a gush of happiness and memories of those beautiful childhood days, when i used to come here, once a year for school picnic with my friends, and those family trips.

Taramandal Road:

the road that is eden itself; maybe not for everyone but for college students it is. We used to bunk the class and go there just enjoy a beautiful long drive

Nauka Vihar:

this place here you can feel the utmost peace at dawn, the best view at noon, the interaction of people of different age groups at evening, and the nature plays its spell, here, at night. however my favorite is “this place + a book + dawn”

Gorakhnath temple:

during this month of the year January , February a fair is held every year for the celebration of the festival – Makar Sankranti. its like a ritual for me to visit the fair every year with my family


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